Steve Nash: I’m Not even Close to Retirement

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When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired point guard Steve Nash in the off-season, many thought it would be a match made in heaven. When Mike D’Antoni was hired as the head coach, it was the common assumption that the two would re-create some of the magic they had together in Phoenix when Nash won two MVPs.

But of course, we all know the reality of the Lakers season. Steve Nash couldn’t stay healthy and a team with championship aspirations struggled to secure a 7th seed in the playoffs.

So at age 39 and the struggles he endured this season to just stay on the court, questions about Nash’s longevity have some merit. But according to ESPNLA, retirement is the furthest thing from his mind.

“Not even close,” Nash said. “When I was healthy this year, I felt really good. I think still, for the amount of opportunities I got on this team, I think still I was just as efficient as I’ve always been.”

“I love to play and I love this team,” Nash said. “I want to fight for these guys and be a part of this team having some happy times. We’ve had a lot of down days and we’ve stuck with it. . . . We’ve had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of tough nights, so I want to turn that around and be a part of helping these guys enjoy this.”

While Nash may not necessarily want to retire, the fact remains that he had a hard time just getting on the court this season.

I believe he still has the skill set to be a quality starting point guard. But the days of MVPs in Phoenix are long, long gone.

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  • Father time will get him soon enough

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