Steve Nash Says That Dwight Howard Should Stay With the Lakers

NAsh Howard


It seems like the campaigning for Dwight Howard to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers is underway.

Although the Lakers suffered through what was by their own admission a nightmare season, due in part to Howard’s regression, quite a few of his teammates are highly in favor of him returning to the team next season.

Guard Steve Nash is one of those who has now come out and said that Los Angeles is where Howard belongs, says Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News.

“I’m very hopeful that Dwight will be back,” Nash said. “I think this is the place for him. He’s in the prime of his career. He’s got his best years ahead of him. He can play for one of the greatest franchises in sports and an amazing city. This has got to be the place for him, and I’m hopeful that he sees it that way.”

Howard and Nash have been seen arguing on more than one occasion this season, but the Lakers point guard says that isn’t indicative of their true relationship.

“Of course, you’re going to see the lows, and those are going to be highlighted,” Nash said. “To me generally, it was really good. Dwight and myself formed a relationship. Dwight was a good presence throughout the year.”

A lot of people especially those in Lakers Nation, were pretty hard on Howard after he got himself ejected in the team’s final game against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday and rightfully so, it was an act of selfishness.

But if his teammates are pleading for him to return, then that’s all that should matter, they’re the ones going to battle with him every game.