Terrell Owens’ Former Financial Adviser Says It’s T.O.’s Fault He Went Broke


Terrell Owens

T.O. is suing his former financial advisers for mismanagement of his money. Owens claims the advisers opened bank accounts without his knowledge, withdrew money at their leisure and used Owens’ money for shady casino deals.

One of the advisers, Jeff Rubin tells TMZ that Owens was aware of everything that was happening and is a crybaby because he lost the majority of his money.

Rubin says, that Owens didn’t take the time out to understand where his money was going and the risks he was taking.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but the lesson to be learned is always know where every single dollar is going and don’t leave your money in the hands of people you don’t really know.


  1. The line about not putting your money in the hands of people you don’t really know is easier said than done. Who do these athletes know when they come into the league that will take care of their money for them?

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