Tim Tebow First To Arrive At Jets Offseason Workouts

Time Tebow Jets workout

As a NFL football player I have little to no opinion regarding Tim Tebow, since I didn’t see him play that much last season. As a person, I don’t see any fault in the young man searching for his position with the big boys. However I do believe he made an ill-advised decision in joining the New York Jets.

Maybe the big stage led him to New York. Or maybe watching current starting QB Mark Sanchez crumble in the blink of an eye helped him with his decision to sign with the Jets. Whatever the reason, Tim Tebow has seen better days.

Although he seems to be the butt of all jokes, while many question if he would even have a job in the NFL this season, bright an early around 6am Tim Tebow showed up at the Jets voluntary training camp.

Tebow even arrived before Sanchez, who arrived around 7:30am.

The Jets may not want him, nor know what to do with him, but that didn’t stop Tebow from being Tebow.

Smile at the face of adversity.