Tom Coughlin Says Victor Cruz Contract Situation Is Now A Concern


Victor Cruz is one of the New York Giants best players, and as we stand here today,  he’s an unrestricted free agent who still has no contract.

Tom Coughlin is aware of how special a player Cruz is, and he’s starting to get worried.  Coughlin was a guest on WFAN yesterday, and according to the New York Post, expressed concerned that Cruz is still not signed.

“It has to be a concern because when the restricted free agency period is over, you would hope that things would move fast. What we want is exactly what I said the other day. We want a win-win. We want Victor to be proud to be a New York Giant, proud of his contract,” Coughlin said.

Cruz’s options now are to either sign his one-year tender of $2.879 million, sign the reported $7 million per year deal the Giants have on the table or hold out in hopes of getting a better deal.

Either way it has Coughlin nervous about Cruz’s future in New York.

“The New York Giants want him back as badly as we’ve ever wanted anybody,” Coughlin said, “And so we like the thing to be settled and over with and we wish it would be that way so that he could be in here working with the quarterback in the offseason. And the sooner it gets settled, the better off we will be.”