Trent Richardson Says Injuries Kept Him From Showing His Talent


Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson had an impressive rookie season, and displayed the toughness and skills that caused the Browns to draft him so high.

Richardson though feels he could have shown much more, and during an interview with the Cleveland  Plain Dealer, said that “injuries kept him from showing all his talent.”

“I feel great,” Richardson said. “I wish you could watch the whole practice. I’m out there flying around. I finally feel skinny without all them big pads [to protect the ribs] on me. It’s easy to breathe. I can sleep at night. It’s a fresh breath on me. . . .

“It was tough, man [last year]. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t say and I don’t know if I can really say it now. There would be times I really couldn’t get going up until like Friday and I had to be out there Sunday. I can’t wait ’til this year. I think there’s going to be a big smile on everybody’s faces after the games.”

Richardson should have a much improved second season. He’ll have a whole off-season of NFL strength and conditioning to help keep him healthy.

Add that to the fact that Norv Turner is a running backs dream as an offensive coordinator, and Richardson could be in the Pro Bowl next season.