Tyler Wilson Answered Raiders Draft Day Call In A Walmart


This story could definitely be taken the wrong way, but I’m just going to assume that Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson is comfortable with himself, and most importantly was tired of stressing NFL Draft politics.

Wilson was rumored to be drafted anywhere from the 2nd round to the 4th round, so instead of sitting in front of the TV stressing, Wilson continued to live his life.

Wilson stopped watching the draft and went out to do a little shopping.  Wilson according to the Log Cabin Democrat, got  and answered his call from the Oakland Raiders who told him they’d draft him in the 4th round while he was in a Arkansas Walmart.

“I was fed up with watching so we just got out and then get the phone call there in Walmart, of all places, but that’s good being from Arkansas,” Wilson said Saturday in Greenwood. “He’s standing right next to me and kind of hears the conversation a little bit. I kind felt like everybody in the store at that point had kind of figured out what’s going on. That was fun. We ended up getting out of there without too much harm and ended up getting back and celebrated with friends and family.”

Wilson ironically spent money on a Friday night party assuming he’d be drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round, but that never materialized, and music and a band was wasted.

“Obviously, it’s been a long process, a long three days,” Wilson said. “You hope to get picked a littler sooner going into it, but the right situation, I think, is the most important part. And I definitely think I found that situation with Oakland, being in the situation they’re in quarterback-wise. I think I have a chance to go in there and compete and have a chance at playing sometime soon.”

Even in those late day situations, the team that drafts you can change your outlook on the draft.  Ryan Nassib went to the Giants, does he believe he’ll ever take a snap?

Tyler Wilson to the Oakland Raiders, even with Terrelle Pryor and Matt Flynn, Wilson can dream of possibly starting.