Tyrann Mathieu Says “America is Only Good For Making Money” After Boston Bombings (Photo)

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I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but let me put it in bold, maybe that will help.


Here is what Honey Badger had to say, before he quickly deleted it from his Twitter account.

Tyrann Mathieu Tweet

Unfortunately for Honey Badger the Tweet was seen by many and as you can imagine, many took an offense to it. I can definitely understand why. America also allows drug addicts, who get kicked out of college and opportunity to make millions of dollars just because they possibly can cover Victor Cruz in the slot.  I don’t think Tyrann should be complaining about America right now.

My advice to Tyrann would be not to Tweet again, until after the NFL Draft, obviously he isn’t responsible enough with his comments and will end up hurting himself and his potential draft stock.

Smarten Up Tyrann.

4 thoughts on “Tyrann Mathieu Says “America is Only Good For Making Money” After Boston Bombings (Photo)

  • Lawrence Philips, Maurice Clarrett, JaMarcus Russell, that is how Tyrann Mathieu will end up!

  • he’s right though. just cause no one wants to hear it from him doesn’t make it any less true.

  • if you don’t like America…go back to your country.Since bombings and communism is an everyday thing in other countries.You come to ours and wont to judge.
    personally, i don’t think this was foreign.This attack was definitely domestic.Id say white supremacy.The Taliban has yet to take credit for this;if they did it they would have took credit ASAP.

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