Tyrann Mathieu Success in Arizona Will Depend on if Honey Badger Has Retired

Tyrann Honey Badger Mathieu

This isn’t very complicated.

Tyrann Mathieu is a talented, fluid, difference making cornerback and return man.

Honey Badger is a drug addict, irresponsible and immature young man.

Only one of them can be successful in the NFL, I sincerely hope that it is Mathieu, but history shows that this can only go one or two ways. There have been times during this draft process that you saw the great prospect Tyrann Mathieu show his face and unfortunately there have been times Honey Badger has made appearances.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or for those who are a little younger, a Dexter style personality. At this point, the person who will decide if Tyrann is successful, is the one who will be looking back at him in the mirror.

Only Tyrann knows what he sees. The mirror never lies.