UCLA Water Polo Player Hakop Kaplanyan Arrested For Rape


Men, and particularly male athletes, have got to start making better decisions in regards to the female company they keep and the choices they make with that company.

ESPN L.A. is reporting that Hakop Kaplanyan, a UCLA water polo player has been arrested and suspended from school after a female acquaintance of his said the 18 year old raped her in a campus dorm room.

The school’s athletic department released a statement Monday saying 18-year-old Hakop Kaplanyan was arrested without incident April 2, the same day the woman gave the report to campus police.

Los Angeles County jail records show Kaplanyan was released on bail two days later and is scheduled to return to court April 25.

Campus officials say Kaplanyan has been suspended from the university. He can appeal his status.

According to the team’s website, Kaplanyan is a redshirt freshman from Glendale, Calif., who plays the attacker position.

It isn’t clear at this time whether or not Kaplanyan has an attorney.

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  • “plays the attacker position” on the field huh…guess he also plays that position in dealing with women.

    • Girls these days doing anything to sue a guy to make money!!!!! And why are people hating one great player seeing videos and by reading his a power athletic teen… Bet u the girl got pissed cuz she gave it up and then realized his handsome most girl want him also. Boooooo to the girlll their liars look at these poor famous athletes being accused of rape that’s a big example.

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