UCONN Debut New Huskies Helmets (Photos)



This football season is going to be one for the books. With colleges revamping their appearances, they are giving fans varieties in colors and giving their opponents more intimidation on the field. UCONN is no different, their intimidation is a little stronger though, you don’t see them anymore you see the eyes of huskies.

UCONN released today photos of their new helmets, which have the face of the husky. The design is awesome. The helmets are definitely one of a kind and are sure to turn heads this season.





Its going to be a hell of a picture to see these helmets on the field.

One thought on “UCONN Debut New Huskies Helmets (Photos)

  • All of these colleges want to be like Oregon! So pathetic! Don’t be like Oregon, be yourself.

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