Utah’s Enes Kanter has Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery

Enes Kanter

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Jazz big man Enes Kanter, will miss the rest of the season – which may or may not include a playoff run – because of surgery to his dislocated shoulder.

Kanter is averaging 7.2 points and 4.3 rebounds in 15.4 minutes per game in his second season for the Jazz. The Jazz’s center picked up the injury in a game against the Phoenix Suns late last month. General manager Dennis Lindsey says after the surgery they don’t expect any other issues with the shoulder going forward.

“Frankly, this is good news,” Lindsey said. “The probability as given to us that something would happen to the shoulder is no greater than a shoulder that’s never been injured before.”

He said the likelihood of further injury was reduced by “surgical reattachment rather than straight rehab.”

The Jazz fell to the ninth spot in the Western Conference standings after their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last night and the Los Angeles Lakers victory. They have more quality big man depth than pretty much any other team in the league so Kanter’s absence won’t be felt that much.