“We know Who Did This,” DJ Fluker’s Agent Says Of Alleged Twitter Hacker


This morning we reported on the Tweet that has all of college and pro football talking.  D.J. Fluker, the former stud offensive tackle from Alabama who will be a top pick in Thursdays NFL Draft had an incriminating and damaging Tweet sent out from his Twitter account early this morning. 

In the Tweet seen below, Fluker allegedly admitted to taking money from agents while still a player at Alabama.  That admission and the action would be an obvious NCAA violation.



Flukers agent Deryk Gilmore immediate sprang into action and claimed that his clients Twitter account had been hacked.

To all followers of @djfluker76 his account has been hacked. We will re-activate his account soon. Thank you for your support.

— Deryk Gilmore (@DerykGilmore) April 23, 2013

Now according to AL.com, Fluker and his Gilmore say that actually know who the Twitter hacker is, and they are taking the proper steps to prove it.

We know who did this,” saidDeryk Gilmore, who represents the right tackle who is expected to be selected Thursday night in the first round of the NFL draft.

“This is totally fiction, but I’m waiting to get some proof. I’ve been on the phone with Twitter.”

Gilmore continued to defend his client who is known to be of high character and morals in Tuscaloosa.

“I’ll tell you, of course, this wasn’t him,” Gilmore said when reached by phone Tuesday morning. “It was bull (bleep), and it’s a shame. And anyone who believes it was him and wants to believe the worst, you go ahead and do it.

“I mean, my company has an outstanding reputation. This kid, we didn’t even give him a guarantee to sign with us. We gave him nothing. My whole point is that for all the people who are out there saying the worst, let them believe the worst.”

“I don’t care about it, man,” he said. “We’ve got people getting blown up in Boston. Bigger things.

“Come on now. This was a kid who was in Hurricane Katarina, who’s been poor all his life, who’s done everything the right way. He could have done everything the wrong way, OK? Let’s root for this kid. Let’s not beat him up.”

If Mr. Gilmore is aware of who did hack his clients Twitter account, it needs to be figured out before Thursday.  Good kid or not, Fluker is guilty until proven innocent in the world of social media.