Why Going to San Diego is a Good Thing for Manti Te’o

manti te'o imaginary girlfriend

If you ever been to San Diego, you know it is a pretty laid back city. They fans definitely care about the Chargers, but they don’t live and die over what happens on the football field.

The worst place for Te’o to go to was a team and city that live and breathe football. The microscope would have been too focused on what had happened to him off the field and not on the field. In San Diego, I think they are going to leave him alone about his fake dead cancer girlfriend and judge him by what he does on the field.

I never thought he was a high 1st round pick, I alway saw him as late 1st/early 2nd guy based on what I saw on the field. I believe he is going to be a solid, not spectacular player for many years.

In the end it was a good value pick for the Chargers and good spot for Te’o, just stay out of those DMs.

One thought on “Why Going to San Diego is a Good Thing for Manti Te’o

  • I hope San Diego doesn’t think Te’o will become the next Seau. Te’o will never be as good as Seau.

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