Woman Says She’s Insulted Sixers Nick Young Only Paid Her $300 for Sex (Photos)

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I am not going to repeat the whole story about Nick Young and his lady friend, because you know the drill by now. I can sum it up very quickly.

Twodel acts like she is not impressed when an athlete (in this case Sixers Nick Young)  is in her DMs and Facebook messages.  She claims that she had no interest in him at all and he pursued her for six months with phone calls and texts.  She says she wasn’t interested in his money or fame and they were just friends.  Then mysteriously one night, she ends up in his hotel room at 3am having sex and gets kicked out just as quickly.  $300 is exchanged during the kick out and that is where I am going to pick up the story.

We are going to talk about this $300 and you want to know why?  Just read what she wrote to Baller Alert about the cash.  I warn you in advance, she uses a lot of exclamation marks.

With our 30 min extravaganza I got my keys and prepared to walk out he passed me 300 bucks and claimed it was gas money! I couldn’t help but laugh! 300 dollars was Mc Donald change! Me just turning 23 I’m doing extremely well for myself without the credit card scams and strip club like the rest of these b****** in Atlanta! He treated me as if i courted him like some nightclub hooker! After a year of talking and this? Hell I would’ve charged a tad bit more and got my money in the beginning of i would’ve known He was going to treat my like a prostitute Never would i agree to 300 dollars! At this moment I wanted to kick his tall ass but I held back and we shared a church hug! No reservations to see each other later! just a simple goodbye!

*read the text messages argument over the $300 below*


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The 300 was a joke to me! Especially since his baby mama looks like a burnt gremlin and his girl look like a tranny on steroids with a f***** up weave! I’d assume he would at least turned out a tad bit logical about this! ! like my theory! you pay me to keep my mouth closed! not make my way 3 miles up the road! F*** u nick!

Let’s think about this logically for a second.

You go to someone’s room at 3am, you have sex the very first time they see you and you get kicked out 30 minutes later, what does that make you?

If it sounds like hooker, walks like a hooker, Tweets like a hooker, you might be a hooker.   Saying $300 is an insult, just screams of someone who has sex for money, because a normal person would shrug off the situation as a free donation.

As far as Swaggy P, he just needs to be more careful, about who he is giving his $300 to. I spoke about this at length on the Boss and Rob show, you have to understand the type of women you are dealing with.  I am never surprised when women leaks this type of stuff, because history shows, that is what they do.  I am more surprised, men continue to fall for the banana in the tailpipe every single time.  How many examples do you need, before you make smarter decisions?

In the grand scheme of things, Swaggy P didn’t pay much, but if he took a bit more time on who he invited up to his room, there wouldn’t be a story to tell.  As you can see, women are now in the business of exposing anyone Dollarnaires, Athletes or Entertainers, so be careful.

She actually said $300 was McDonald’s change, lord help us all.

8 thoughts on “Woman Says She’s Insulted Sixers Nick Young Only Paid Her $300 for Sex (Photos)

  • These chicks can’t wait to get screwed by a baller then let the world know…..while trying to pretend like they’re so innocent….bullshyt

  • Your response to this is really pathetic. This is a case of a girl who DOESN’T want to be treated like a prostitute and just wanted to have some fun sex.

    “If it sounds like hooker, walks like a hooker, Tweets like a hooker, you might be a hooker. Saying $300 is an insult, just screams of someone who has sex for money, because a normal person would shrug off the situation as a free donation.”

    A “normal” person wouldn’t shrug off someone giving them $300 after sex as a free donation. That’s a very desperate, pathetic and abnormal behavior. I think her reaction is actually much more normal. She is actually saying two things:

    1) I don’t want or need your money. I was happy to have sex with you and leave it at that. Giving me money is insulting, disrespectful and makes you look like you think of me as a whore. Can’t we just have sex like adults and be done with it?

    2) If I *was* charging you for sex (which I very much am not), I would have charged you a lot more money because I’m NOT A HOOKER.

    I sincerely hope you don’t actually believe the things you wrote because you come off sounding like a complete idiot.

    • I concur!

    • In response to all you said.
      Nick only wonted to screw her and he did.When you go to a man house/room at 3am we know what time it is.Thus,we treat you as you present yourself.A real lady will not let you screw her in a hotel(exspecially when she does not know you) no matter how horny she is.A real lady is not going to come to your house/room at 3am for some fun sex( when she dont even know you).I make 200,000 a year(civilian contractor for the goverment) and 300 to me is a lot of money.You maybe a lady and you deserve proper respect but your actions that night were that of a street walker.

    • Did she give the money back? Didn’t think so. She’s a hooker.FOH

    • If “fun sex” was all she wanted then the $300 was a bonus…..she should have just STFU and kept it movin……she couldn’t wait to open her big mouth and spill the beans…just like she couldn’t wait to go to his hotel room and drop her drawers..

    • Shes not going to fuck you because you’re standing up for her. You sound like a wuss.

  • Furthermore, by this dumb chick trying to “expose” Nick with the text messages, she pretty much put herself out there as far as wanting some compensation for just “hanging” with him. Now she could have not had sex, which was her choice, but she came off wanting something for her “time.” Of course cats like Nick are young and dumb and we will continue to hear more bird tales in the future. Carry on!

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