76ers Hire Sam Hinkie To Be New GM


The Philadelphia 76ers are starting over as a franchise, and with that comes a new GM and a new way of thinking.  Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting that Philadelphia has hired Sam Hinkie as their new GM.

Hinkie will replace Tony DiLeo with the 76ers and assume full control of basketball operations.

Hinkie is a big believer in basketball analytics, a movement in the NBA that has been embraced big-time by the Houston Rockets.

Sam Hinkie believes strongly in the new movement which emphasizes analytic efforts, using data to improve decision-making in the draft, free agency, trades, and game strategy.

Hinkie will provide day-to-day management of basketball operations, manages the team’s salary cap.

Hinkie also places great value in the Developmental League. The Rockets were the first team to have the same people who manage their NBA team also handle the basketball operations for their D-League team.

The Sixers will finally have a D-League team in Delaware next year.

Now he needs to find a coach.