After Agents Complaints NFLPA Looking into Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports


Jay-Z has these agents shook and they are looking for any and every way to try to slow him down. First, it was saying he couldn’t be certified because he didn’t have a degree, so Jay hired a NFLPA certified agent and signed Geno Smith.

Now, the agents are complaining about his relationship with CAA and so the NFLPA will look into that.

The NFLPA has asked CAA Sports about its relationship with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports and how it relates to the representation of NFL players, said George Atallah, NFLPA assistant executive director for external affairs.

Atallah, in a telephone interview today, addressed recent speculation surrounding Roc Nation Sports, including its hiring of an NFLPA-certified agent and its signing of New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, as well as other issues that have been raised in the media.

“Of course we are aware of the new relationship between Roc Nation and CAA,” Atallah said. The NFLPA is also aware, he said, of Roc Nation Sports hiring Kim Miale, an NFLPA-certified agent who will be representing Smith in contract talks. 

“We will be reaching out to all of the parties involved to get a better understanding of the nature of those relationships,” Atallah said.

Just a speed bump for Jay Z, who probably was aware this might happen when he started, so don’t expect them to find anything to stop his momentum.

11 thoughts on “After Agents Complaints NFLPA Looking into Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports

  • Actually Robert, you are are 100% wrong on this one. Agents are not shook, the CBA specifically forbids what Jay Z is doing and it’s about a level playing field.

  • If I’m a top notch professional athlete, I will sign with either Eugene Parker, Bill Strickland, C. Lamont Smith, or Al Haymon. Those black men have law degrees and are certified agents. Anybody who signs with a person who doesn’t even have a bachelors degree is a damn fool! Robinson Cano, Geno Smith, Skylar Diggins, I’m talking about you.

  • Jay-Z is great at self-promotion; but we’ll see how long this last.

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