Alex Rodriguez Sells Miami Beach Mansion For $30 Million (Photos)



Yankees injured third basemen Alex Rodriguez is under the microscope right now for alleged PED usage again, and he may miss most of the season rehabbing from hip surgery, but that’s not stopping Rodriguez from cashing in.

TMZ is reporting that Rodriguez just sold his Miami Beach mansion for $30 million, making a $15 million profit.  Rodriguez reported accepted a $30 million offer for a 19,861 square foot property that he paid $7.4 million for in 2010.

After he bought the mansion, A-Rod poured another $7.6 million into refurbishing and turning it into a dream home.  The mansion is an oceanfront estate with 9 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms (plus 2 half bathrooms), a 4-car garage, state of the art security system with 16 cameras and a Zen garden.

A-Rod had previously priced the mansion at $38 million, but after getting no takers, reduced the price some.

Rodriguez reportedly is neighbors with Matt Damon as well.

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  1. Glenn,

    The headline should read, “Alex Rodriguez Sells Miami Beach Mansion For $30 Million”

  2. There will not be any mixed reaction when Alex whips the crap out of Selig and the owners, in court, if necessary, for their greedy, unfair, monopolistic, whimsical, 211 game “punishment” (4X that of anyone else), while not ever testing positive on any drug test. Writers can confuse the issue and hold up MLB all they want, but, ultimately, this witch hunt is about greed and money! I hope MLB loses its anti-trust exemption and has to conform to the laws of the land like any other corporation.

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