Alonzo Mourning & Scottie Pippen Think LeBron Is Better Than Jordan (Video)


Last night Microsoft opened up a new store in Miami, and former Heat center Alonzo Mourning was a special guest and even shared a few words in regards to important it was for Microsoft to stay apart of the community and translating that to the world of basketball.

Mourning took some questions at the end of his appearance, and in this video courtesy of Daily Sports Club, answered a question about who is the better player, LeBron James or Michael Jordan?

Mourning while also incriminating Jordan’s former teammate Scottie Pippen, picked LeBron,  and from the way they described it, picked LeBron by a huge margin.

Mourning can be heard saying that Pippen told him at Jordan birthday party, that “LeBron would kick Michael’s ass.”

Wonder what Michael will say when he see’s this video.

2 thoughts on “Alonzo Mourning & Scottie Pippen Think LeBron Is Better Than Jordan (Video)

  • Does it really matter……..

  • I hear all the things people say WRT Lebron over MJ (Lebron is more athletic, more versitile, better ball handler, better shooter).

    I just want to know why those attributes aren’t applied to Magic Johnson, for whom those things are just as true?

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