Andy Reid Trolls Eagles & Chip Kelly By Playing Music During Practice

Junior Hemingway, Andy Reid

The Chip Kelly era has begun in Philadelphia, and a lot has changed since Andy Reid left the city.  Kelly has gotten rid of fast food and tacos.

He’s moved the lockerroom around, and sped up the pace of his practices.  The one huge thing that the media here in Philadelphia has been focused on though, is Kelly blasting music during his practices.

Kelly made news earlier this week for having a running soundtrack going during practices.  The Philadelphia media hopped on the Kelly bandwagon and his amazing soundtracks.

All the way across the country in Kansas City, Big Red, Andy Reid was paying attention, and according to Crossing Broad, took time out to troll Chip Kelly, the Eagles, and the Philadelphia media by blasting his own soundtrack during Chiefs practices the last few days.


I can tell you right now, Andy Reid never blasted music or played music during his Eagles practices.  So either Reid is loving that Kansas City Barbecue, and wanted to dance a little bit, or as I stated earlier, even in Kansas City, Reid is still watching.