Angels Fan Spills Beer on Friends While Trying to Catch Foul Ball (Video)



It seems like nothing is going right for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this season, even their fans are embodying their struggles.

During a game on Friday night between the Angels and the Chicago White Sox, a fan tried to catch a foul ball that came off the bat of Albert Pujols and not only did he fail to secure the ball, he also spilled his beer all over his  friends which can’t and shouldn’t happen. In a situation like this you must secure the beer or the ball (preferably the beer) if you can’t do both.

So to recap, he didn’t catch the ball, he spilled what was probably some expensive beer over the people around him, and he watched the Angels get shutout 3-0.

Check the footage of the disaster here:

H/T to Busted Coverage for the GIF.


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