Angry Jaguars Fan Group Starts Anti-Tebow Website


Tim Tebow is starting to dominate the airwaves again, but for the wrong reason.  Tebow is a hot button topic on the daily, and the guy isn’t even employed.

Over the past week we’ve seen a Tebow fan send the White House a petition asking President Obama to force the Jaguars to sign Tebow.  

Earlier this week a Florida attorney took out a radio ad urging the Jaguars owner Shad Khan to sign Tebow. 

Now it seems that a group of true diehard Jaguars fans have had enough.  According to,  group called the Bold City Brigade, which deems itself a new-age Jaguars booster club, has created a anti-Tebow website called

The name of the site pays tribute to the answer new Jaguars general manager David Caldwell gave at his introductory news conference when asked about the Jaguars interest in Tebow.

“I can’t imagine a scenario where he’d be a Jaguar, even if he’s released,” Caldwell said Jan. 10.

Caldwell then repeated that sentiment this week in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, saying: “We just wanted a fresh start. We didn’t want the same recurring themes coming up.”

As of this morning the new website had more than 31,000 clicks — “Endorsements from REAL Jaguars fans that don’t need Tim Tebow.”

“We are inspired to counter anything or anyone that chooses to attack or spread ignorance about our fan base,” said John Caputo, president of Bold City Brigade. “We aim to do it in a tasteful and tactful manner, which represents our mission and members.”

“… The website is a direct response to the petition and the lawyer’s ad, yes. It is our response as actual season ticket holding die-hard Jaguars fans. It’s not meant to be anti-Tebow as much as it’s meant to show support and solidarity for Shad Khan and the team’s vision for the franchise and its direction.”

“Obviously it’s frustrating to be constantly bombarded by the Tebow-mania,” Caputo said. “Many die-hard Jaguars fans feel ignored. We feel like our voices are not heard because we tend to sit back and not do anything brash and in-your-face.

“The media knows what sells. If a petition started by a random guy in New Jersey that isn’t even a Jaguars fan can get that much attention, then obviously we are fighting an uphill battle. The website is our way of saying to the national media: ‘You want something brash. Well then, here.’

“Enough was enough. For three years we sat back and tried to be patient as it hopefully blew over.”



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  • The amazing thing is that Tebow doesn’t do anything yet still gets all this attention….crazy

  • everyone hates a winner . as for the jacksonville jackoff’s who would wanna play for them anyway best player they ever had fred taylor retired jacksonville sucks and always have since becoming a so called pro team.

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