Anonymous Jets Player Says 80-90% of Team Want Mark Sanchez Benched

Mark Sanchez Headband

I understand certain things have to be anonymous, but saying someone sucks isn’t one of them. If you think Sanchez should be making love to the bench, then say it with your chest, don’t hide or run from it.

Quotes like these are why the Jets won’t prosper this year.’s Mike Freeman talked with yet another unnamed Jets player who told him this week, “Everyone on the team likes Mark personally, but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance.”

The masked source estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the roster agrees. Naturally, none of the players have gone on record with that sentiment.

I don’t know if Mark Sanchez can salvage his career, but what I do know it shouldn’t be with the Jets, he needs a fresh start with an organization and team that believes in him.