Antoine Walker Goes on Ricki Lake Talks About Losing $108 Million (Video)

Antoine Walker Rikki Lake

I didn’t even know Ricki Lake was back on the air. This was the best Shimmy Walker could do? Dr. Phil didn’t have any room for him?

You can watch the video below to listen to how Antoine Walker went broke.

There were stories of how Walker liked to party with Michael Jordan, but even though he had a lot of money, he didn’t have Michael Jordan money.

Keeping up with the Joneses is one of the quickest ways to empty your pockets. Understand your worth and what you can and cannot do, so you don’t end up on Ricki Lake.

3 thoughts on “Antoine Walker Goes on Ricki Lake Talks About Losing $108 Million (Video)

  • He needs to be telling his story to the NBA rookies…

  • Message to all professional athletes. If Antione Walker can lose all of his millions, so can you! I urge you to please learn from his mistakes. Do not waste money on cars, jewelry, strip clubs and alcohol. Please stay away from groupies, prostitutes and basketball wives (Especially Evelyn Lozada)! I do not want to see another black pro athlete lose all of his millions! I’m tired of us making the same damn mistakes every year!

    • At one time Walker was supporting 70 individuals. It was no surprise he went broke, the $7000 a month in child support did not help either. But look at it this way, Bernie Kosar at one time had 60 cell phone bills and only used one. This is the thing is athletes need to say no, Magic Johnson and Jamal Mashburn are good examples of athlete to emulate with financial matters.

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