Mario William’s Ex-Fiancee Seeks Perjury Investigation Against Him


Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams may have overplayed his hand when he decided to sue and seek reimbursement of his close to $800,000 engagement ring he bought for his ex-fiancee Erin Marzouki.

Marzouki’s lawyer Tony Buzbee is now ratcheting up the pressure on Williams by seeking to turn their litigation into a criminal matter according to the Houston Chronicle. 

To support his claim that Williams’ lied, Buzbee has released a new set of text messages that imply that Williams told Marzouki to keep the engagement ring.

“‘Keep those material things.  It means nothing to me anymore,’” Williams allegedly said.  “‘I said keep it’” and “‘KEEP IT! Remember me by it.’”

Buzbee argues that those text messages simply conflict with the allegations in Williams’ lawsuit that suggest that his fiancée broke off the relationship.

“Despite his fame and wealth, this court should not allow Williams to misuse the court system, or to avoid the ramifications of his conduct,” Buzbee explained in a court filing.  “Williams is not above the law.  He undeniably lied under oath.”

Williams’ attorney, Michael Gary Orlando, did not immediately return a message late Friday afternoon seeking comment on the motion.

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  • Just give the ring back and enjoy the “material things” he purchased.

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