Big Boob Teacher Loses Job of Modeling Photos


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You can’t be a model and a teacher anymore?  Seems Un-American to me, but what do I know. Olivia Sprauer who models under the name Victoria Valentine (sounds more like a porn name, but I digress) was forced to resign from her teacher’s position Martin County High School in Stuart, Florida.

One of her bosses (I am guessing a woman, not a man) found her modeling photos (which you can see above) and decided they were too risque for a teacher.

The good news is Victoria errrr Olivia was planning to leave the job anyway to pursue her modeling career, we wish her well.

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One thought on “Big Boob Teacher Loses Job of Modeling Photos

  • With a body like that the hell with being a teacher…..BTW…I’m sure some of the male teachers & students are not happy to see her go……lol

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