Brandon Marshall & Chris Johnson “Sex House” Linked to Shooting of 15 Year Old Girl


You might have read the title and was shocked, but you really shouldn’t be. If you have any knowledge of the 90’s Cowboys you should be aware that athletes have “side house” for their groupies, jumpoffs and mistresses. It is a place they can have their affairs and not worried about being hassle by their wives or girlfriends.

Normally, a group of players rent out a place under a friend or cousin’s name to throw people off the trail. That is exactly what Brandon Marshall of the Bears, Chris Johnson of the Titans and former NFL WR Mike Sims-Walker were doing. Everything was going great until this happened according to the Orlando Sentinel courtesy of Pro Football Zone.

A house linked to the shooting of a 15-year-old girl in Pine Hills last year has ties to current and recent National Football League athletes, newly available records in the case obtained by the Orlando Sentinel show.

One of the players, former University of Central Florida and Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker, was directly involved in the investigation, records show, at one point entering an Orange County Sheriff’s Office interview room to talk with his cousin, a victim in the case who authorities suspected was lying.

Prosecutors have described the home on Robbins Avenue as a nondescript setting where pro athletes could hang out and bring women while visiting Orlando — away from the view of the media.

Gunfire erupted after a burglary there July 29, and a stray bullet struck Danielle Sampson as she rode in her parents’ minivan, rendering the Apopka High athlete severely brain-damaged.

Prosecutor Nicole Pegues described the Robbins Avenue home as a place NFL pros go “if they want to step out on their girlfriends and their wives … outside of anywhere else where media might catch them.”

In a newly available videotaped interview of the state’s key witness in the shooting, Chester “Chad” Joseph, three current or former NFL players are named: Sims-Walker, Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall and Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson.

Joseph, a resident who describes himself as a “manager” for Sims-Walker and Johnson and a friend of Marshall’s, downplays their involvement with the house: “I use their [homes] a lot … all I was doing was really returning the favor. … When [the players] come here now, I got somewhere where you can go on and slide you a little chick.”

“We can minimize it if we know the truth,” says Sgt. David Spall. He adds, jokingly: “Dude, I got Chris Johnson drafted on my fantasy-football team. I don’t want nothing ugly coming out of this.”

Spall stressed that he was focused on solving the shooting case: “Nobody cares if Chris Johnson, Brandon … whomever comes to your house to knock boots with a chick. … Nobody cares if you had … 500 pounds of prime weed in that house.”

In the video interview, Spall suggested to Joseph that the NFL players’ presence made the house a target: “You said so yourself, you had to tell [Johnson], ‘Dude, stop parking your Porsche out in the front. Pull it around the back.'”

Good to know the sergeant has Chris Johnson on his fantasy team. The good news for the players were they weren’t involved in the shooting in any way. Bad news for the players is girlfriends and Marshall’s wife who once tried to stab him might have a few questions for them.

Here is the video of them spilling the beans.  They must have never watched Discovery ID or he would have realized that all interview rooms are being recorded .

Mike Sims-Walker was a failure in the NFL and he is a failure at keeping boys groupie house a secret.

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3 thoughts on “Brandon Marshall & Chris Johnson “Sex House” Linked to Shooting of 15 Year Old Girl

  • Funny how as soon as one of the “side chicks” gets pregnant she’ll be crying foul and telling what a low life the athlete is yet they have no problem sneaking around and being screwed in a “sex house”….

    • How can you make this out to be a “side chick” problem? This is not about the side chicks, this is about sneaky, cheating husbands who VIOLATE THEIR MARRIAGE VOWS! Many of their wives are well aware of the fact that their men cheat but choose to stay with them anyway. For example, Brandon Marshall’s wife. The two of them have been in the press before for fighting about his infidelity. But she’s still around. And what has it gotten her? Even more embarrassment! Why do these guys even bother to get married?

  • “You might have read the title and was shocked, but you really shouldn’t be.”

    Well, the “Sex House” part didn’t shock me but the shooting of a 15 year girl did.

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