Brandon Weeden Is ‘Surprised’ The Browns signed Brian Hoyer


Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Brandon Weeden must fill like he’s under attack at this point.  Similar to Josh Freeman of Tampa Bay, Weeden was selected by the Browns previous regime.

That selection for the almost 30-year-old Weeden just so happened to have been last years 2012 NFL Draft.  Now the Browns have a new regime, and it seems they are not feeling Weeden.

The Browns just signed Hoyer, and according to reports told recently signed Jason Campbell he could compete as well.  Weeden according to the Cleveland Plains Dealer is surprised by the Hoyer signing to say the least.

“I was surprised, but that’s the nature of the beast,” Weeden told Mary Kay Cabot of theCleveland Plain Dealer on Friday during a charity event. “It’s part of this business and if you start worrying about it, that’s too much to worry about. That’s my mentality going forward.”

Weeden admitted that he didn’t know what plans the Browns had for Hoyer, and he really didn’t care.

“I have no idea,” Weeden said. “I’m worried about me.”

Weeden like Josh Freeman will have to fight to keep their positions.