Brook Lopez Doesn’t want the Playoffs to End because he Lacks a Social Life

Brook Lopez



Typically this late into a NBA season, there has to be something motivating a player for the long haul of the playoffs. Whether that be the chase for that coveted championship ring, a new contract, or simply just the love of the game, there is something internally that motivates a player.

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez has positioned himself as one of the best big men in the game today with his strong performance over the season and the playoffs. But with his team down 3 games to 2 in the quarterfinals, one more loss will end his season. On the brink of elimination when asked about what it is that motivates him, Lopez’s answer might just surprise you.

Per The Brooklyn Game: So what motivates him? Is it the desire to be the best basketball player to ever live? The competitive drive to rip his opponent’s throat out? The inner fire he channels to pour on the points and lead his team to victory?

According to Lopez:

“I don’t really have a social life. I like hanging out with my guys here. So I really didn’t want the season to end.”

Well at the very least, Lopez is extremely honest.

Perhaps you want your players more motivated by a championship or something along those lines, but whatever gets Brook going is fine with me.