Bruce Carter Hopes To Become The Cowboys “Derrick Brooks”


The Dallas Cowboys have a new defensive coordinator in Monte Kiffin, and Kiffin would like one of his new linebackers to take on the form of one his all time greats from years past.

Bruce Carter is coming off an elbow injury, but showed signs of great potential during his stint as a replacement for Sean Lee.

Kiffin would like Carter to take on the mold of his legendary Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks according to ESPN Dallas. 

“Everybody’s just been hitting me with it – Derrick Brooks, Derrick Brooks,” Carter said. “That’s a good thing.”

Brooks was the top outside  linebacker in the NFL for a lot of years, and was a quarterback of the defense in the Tampa 2 scheme used by the Buccaneers.

Brooks made 11 Pro Bowl appearances during the 13 seasons he was coached by Kiffin on the Buccaneers. scheme.

They can’t compare Carter to Brooks, but would love for him to display top playmaking ability.

“He was always around the ball,” Carter said. “He was always flying around. He was a playmaker. He was always in the right position at the right time. That’s something I want to do.”