Cam Newton Loses 12 Pounds, Says He’s Looking For An “Edge”


Earlier in the month we reported on Cam Newton saying that he was not worried about all the young quarterbacks in the league surpassing him or getting more hype than him.

Newton is not worried about being one of the fastest quarterbacks in the league, but he definitely took steps to lose weight so that according to Pro Football Talk, he “can have that edge.”

It was just a personal goal that I set for myself,” Newton said. “I’m not going to go into what it really meant because looking at my body from afar you really couldn’t tell, . . .

“It’s just me challenging myself to have an edge going into the season.”

Newton is down to 243 after weighting 255 previously. It would definitely help Newton to be more elusive, but his best chance for success would be for him to run less and accurately pass more.