Canelo Alvarez’s Trainer Says Catchweight Issues May Derail Mayweather Fight

Canelo Mayweather

The Mayweather side hasn’t said anything publicly about a Canelo fight. Showtime and Golden Boy have said negotiations are now ongoing.

I never thought money would be an issue.  Mayweather’s Showtime deal is pretty set and Canelo is paid by Golden Boy, so that wouldn’t be an issue at all.

The problem as I explained before, is where they would weigh in at. It is something Canelo’s trainer Chepo Reynoso has already spoken about.

“Floyd wants every advantage on his side. Among one of the things that is often being stressed is that he wants Canelo at a lower weight. Why would I make my boy sacrifice so much? We proposed an intermediate weight for things to be level for both [fighters], but he refused. Yes we want to fight, but that does not mean [Mayweather] will get everything [he wants],” Chepo said to Erika Montoya.

It isn’t like Mayweather has never fought at 154 pounds before. He recently beat Miguel Cotto at that weight, but Cotto is a small Junior Middleweight just like Floyd, Canelo is a different beast.

Canelo steps into the ring on fight night at 170+ pounds, while Mayweather has never weighed more than 152 pounds even when he has fought at Junior Middleweight.  As you can see this would present a bit of a problem.

There are ways around it, but that would depend on how much Canelo wants to sacrifice for the fight. The fight might depend on if Canelo overrides his trainer and goes down to 147 or he agrees to a rehydration limit of 10 pounds or less, so he doesn’t step into the ring as a light heavyweight.

Stay tuned, a decision will be made one way or another in the next couple of weeks.

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  • they could meet at 160 and thats fair,but as good as canelo is he still isnt a ring general.Which will present a major problem either way.He need to learn to control the ring and his opponent.

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