Caption the Photo: Eagles OL Evan Mathis Peeing on IRS Building Sign


Evan Mathis Peeing IRS Sign

I hope Mathis doesn’t owe any Taxes, because I am sure an audit is coming his way now. He is straight on Instagram flexing, ¬†Bleacher Report captured the photo before Chip Kelly makes him take it down and drink a protein shake (no more fast food at the Eagles camp).

Mathis is one of those quirky offensive lineman who has been around the block in the NFL, so I can’t say I am surprise. ¬†Also the IRS has been in the news for some suspect behavior, so I believe he is trying to send a message. I think it is a crime though to pee in public and on a Federal building. Might have to ask Adrien Broner about that.


  1. Awesome. That stream is the cleanest thing I’ve seen associated with the IRS in decades.

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