Caption The Photo: Joakim Noah’s Sister Yelena Attends His Playoff Game (Photos)


yelena noah

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Yelena Noah (soeur de Joakim Noah)

Joakim Noah has been a dominant force in this year’s playoffs but his game 7 celebration in Brooklyn had many fans clamouring to see more of his sister Yelena Noah. Word is spreading that she’ll be in attendance at Game 2 in Miami tonight and could have a Katherine Webb type of presence during the broadcast.

yelena noah

Yelena Noah is a 27 year old model and former basketball player for the French National team. She was spotted hugging and sharing a sibling handshake with Noah after the Bulls’ game 7 win.


I think she’s a cutie but the close resemblance between her and Noah throws me off at times. I’m going to need both my Cornball & Non-Cornball bros to help me out and let me know what you think.


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