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Caption the Photo: The Rock, Shaq & Charles Barkley

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2013
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Rock Shaq Barkley

If you ever forget how big NBA players really are, this should serve as a reminder.

You have to remember in your lifetime if you are average height, you are probably looking at people approximately your size or smaller all the time, these guys are well above average.

Even The Rock recongizes this.

I’m a 6’4 260lb man. Look at this visual.. now imagine being on the court vs Sir Charles & @SHAQ #GameOverSon

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  1. lala says:


  2. Cornelius says:

    Is this photoshopped the rock is suppose to be 6’5″? Barkley is about 6’4″. The rock looks like he is only 6′ in this pic

    • strips says:

      on the contrary sir…

      sir charles is a good 6’6, not 6’4. the rock’s billed height is 6’4 (but probably closer to around 6’2).

    • yomama says:

      come on now….shaq is like 7’1″ this seems legit.

    • mike says:

      his billed height is 6’5–with lifts in his boots. he actaually around 6’2-3″

      just like rey mysterio is only like 5’4 without his boots on.–yes i have met him in person

  3. Doc Henrix says:

    Come on, is this a joke! The Rock is 6′ 5″, and Charles is 6′ 6″. Tell this joke to some kids. Even if according to the previous post by strips were to be correct (and it’s not), the image is still totally off…

    • Some Guy says:

      The Rock sends out a tweet saying himself that he’s 6’4″ (even though on tv, he said he was 6’3″. I believe he’s 6’2″ or 6’3″ rather than 6’4″) and you still say he’s 6’5″? I guess reading isn’t your forte’.

  4. willy says:

    The Rock is not freakin 6’5! Well he would be if stood on a 4 inch stack of bibles. Statistically he should be taller than Barkley even at Barkely’s post NBA “real” height. He can still kick your but probably but it would’nt be a big man whoopin!

    • chris says:

      Basketball players can’t fight. shaw wold get destroyed by your average 5’9 mma fighter

      • Lem Utu says:

        Only if the 5’9″ mma guy can get an arm or leg lock on him, is seriously skilled and fighting old, fat Shaq. Young, mobile Shaq destroys an “average” 5’9″ mma fighter. A59mmaf can’t take him down, can’t reach his head and won’t survive but a few solid hits coming from a 7’1″ 350lb exceptional athlete. There is a science to a proper punch but when you’re Shaq’s size, even a clumsy blow is devastating. And the ground and pound Shaq would lay down on A59mmaf would be felonious.

        • random says:

          “Average mma fighter” is a pretty broad term. Do you mean average out of everyone who practises mma, average semi-pro, pro, signed with the ufc etc.
          Because the average professional mma fighter would have a much higher chance of winning than shaq.

          • fug mma says:

            shut the fuck up shaq would kill nearly any mma fighter they arent god they win vs normal people their size but a 5´9 guy cannot win vs a solid shaq that can punch hard and has bigger bones etc it would be impossible stop living in your dream world a training women still lose fight vs non training women therefore a guy on heavy sterodis and not training(maybe some shadow boxing) can beat up any mma fighter if you look at fights where you see someone weighting alot more he always wins let alone the skill now imagine a 5’9 maybe middleweight vs a shaq lololol

      • fag says:

        shut the f up you midget fighter a guy that is physically stronger and weights alot more nearly wins any fight even with lower skills im talking about same height and more weight now imagine shaq fighting a lightweight 5’9 dude shaq would kick him in the head with a force without any problem stop imagine things basketball player work out too they are fit same size no change vs mma this is common sense but shaq would kill gsp for example lol

  5. Simeon Whitney says:


  6. Milton Billingsley says:

    The size of the heads says a lot no matter how tall they are or what we think they are. But still The Rock is an athlete with some great speed while the others lumber around AND the Rock could bench press these guys. With all that said – I love the smiles, I love the humor of these guys.

    • meowcaqt says:

      chuck and shaq both bench well over 400

      • Oedad says:

        Bullshit maybe in their primes they could bench close to 400 now they couldn’t do their own body weights. Basketball players are never big on lifting.

        • datnizzle says:

          You are dumb.
          Shaq was always lifting.
          Tell Karl Malone or Mike Jordan NBA players don’t lift.
          Besides Barkley would have been faster than the Rock, watch an old game. The Rock was a d-linemen, no speed needed.

          • st85 says:

            no speed needed for d line? At the division 1 level? I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here… never played football did you?

        • Corey says:

          What makes you think you know what they benched in their prime? Ask people familiar with basketball at the time, Shaq was an amazing athlete with a body fat percentage of less than 6.. Honestly if you’re not familiar with the players at all, why even speculate about what they were doing in the gym?

  7. T. j. says:

    I’ve always wondered about Charles’ actual height after watching him against Jordan. It amazed me that he was able to post up & score on taller/larger guys.

  8. Joha says:

    Shame on u posting fake pictures

  9. Gary J. Simao says:

    Big deal; the bigger you are, the taller you are, the more you are at risk to heart attacks. Is that a good trade off… for being big. Scientific fact.

    • Marcus Francis says:

      Science probably does not support what you just said. More than likely it was the medical industry, and they get it wrong alllllll the time!

    • Corey says:

      Show me the scientific study that states as a matter of fact that the taller you are, the more likely you are to have a heart attack. I assure you no such study exists. In fact research SUGGESTS the opposite, that the shorter you are, the more likely you are to have heart disease/stroke. Bottom line is that you are misinformed and to call any of it a “scientific fact” betrays an ignorance towards the scientific process in the first place, but I won’t get into that.

  10. Marcus Francis says:

    This photo is real its obvious you can tell The Rock’s furthermost in the background and Barkley is the only one standing up straight with good posture. No photo shop necessary.

  11. PrimetimePaulPaxton says:

    Wrestling heights are faked constantly, plus, most pro level wrestling boots have a 2-3 inch lift built into them. Rock is a legit 6’2″ at most.

  12. Can't tell if Serious says:

    So they’re taller*(Not bigger) than him? That’s not a surprise, considering they’re NBA players. Dwayne is probably at least 50% stronger than both of them. Needless to say, he’s been taking steroids for years so Dwayne should be stronger and have more lean mass than both of them – which is clearly does.

    • s2dp says:

      The Rock can lift more weight than either of them but Shaq is stronger than both of them. He body mass and speed for a man his size gives him more body strength than The Rock. One clear way of seeing this ironically is on the court. Shaq woud body this guy all over the place. And the Rock couldn’t do it to him.

  13. Sir Obvious says:

    Look at the hands on Rocks sholders…did not know Barkley had a small white hand, or Shaq had one smaller than me.

    • you are dumb says:

      Those are fingers, not hands. And just the end of their fingers.
      Why would the Rock post fake pics to make himself look small.
      You guys are retards.

  14. T-2 says:

    Sir Charles actual height is 6’4.5-6’5.5 and The Rock is 6’2-6’3.

  15. mikeburch says:

    these guys are all incredible.When my son was 16 years old he was benching 515 lbs 10 reps..he had Terry Bowdin come talk to him about playing for Auburn football..then me son got his hand caught in a lawn mower blade, it was very bad.

  16. HSAUCE says:

    The ROCK is a TRUE 6’4″…. ive met him 2 times in person there is no doubt about that…. CHARLES BARKLEY is NOT 6’4″ he is every bit of 6’6″ PLUS & hes def over 300lbs now… you can look back on the old days.. no way MJ was 2 inches plus taller than BARKLEY… com on now!!!!

  17. Dennis says:

    I’ve met both in person, Charles Barkley is around 6’5″ give or take half a inch, The rock is about my height and I am about 6’3″.

  18. Your Name... says:


  19. mike says:

    How much shot he is, Rock is the best in the world.

  20. King Perrelli says:

    The Rock is acually 6’3 260 in sport the give you 2 inches for the hype especially in Basketball and the WWE sports entertainment… sir Charles is 6’4 6’5 and Shaq is ever bit of 7’3

  21. Kelvin says:

    The Rock isn’t even 6’4..everybody loves to bragg, no doubt he is tall but then barkley suposed to be 6’7 didn’t Rock used to be listed at 6’2. I’ve seen this pain and gain on youtube and charles was taller then him. Charles also stated that he was 6’4 without shoes.. 187cm 189 for rock fit perect.. Did you see him next to 6’2 walker they are equal

  22. Marri says:

    They have the statement wrong, they are taller than Dwayne Johnson but certainly not bigger. Those NBA Players have a shit loada body fat and no definition.The Rock is bigger, you will see according to measurements that the Rock is bigger! Have a look at Mariusz Pudzianoski; Alexey Lesukov; Markus Ruhl ect…Those guys are huge-NBA playas are tall, you will rarely see a BIG TALL dude cause the muscle fibers are longer which takes many years to make it grow

  23. ned says:

    Bark is 6’5- rock is around 6-1 according to this pic, marky is about 5’7

    Charles Wade Barkley (born February 20, 1963) is an American retired professional basketball player and current analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. Nicknamed “Chuck”, “Sir Charles”, and “The Round…
    Born: February 20, 1963 (age 50), Leeds, Alabama, USA
    Nationality: American
    Height: 6′ 5” (1.98m)

  24. shelley says:

    Who actually cares?

  25. bebe says:

    anyone seeing the 3 arms bewteeen rock and shaq?

  26. tattoo says:

    How is it fake? Shaq and Charles are that big. Besides the fact their hands are on rocks shoulder.

  27. Brad says:

    I think Barkley is only an inch or two taller. This picture is just like one I took with two of my buddies. We are all the same height. I was in the middle. They had their arms on my shoulders. In our pic,I look 2 inches shorter. I think it’s because the guy in the middle is actually behind the other two. Also the outside guys putting their arms on your shoulders lifts them up.

  28. Billdozer says:

    Damn u are all stupid as hell to think shaq could hang with any mma fighter. Demetrius Johnson would beat shaqs ass. Have any of you trained mma that says this dumb shit? Didn’t think so, but I bet some of you will say you have, Ronda rousey would fuck goofy ass clumsy shaq up

  29. Unclebuck says:

    In the picture Chuck looks like he’s got 5″ on him so give or take in real life even if its a bad picture he would still have at least 3″ on him leaving the rock around 6’2 and Chuck 6’5 which I think is about right. But who knows, maybe Chuck is that much taller which would put him around 6’6 and the rock 6’1 or so.

  30. Dirk says:

    hey, I was listed as 6’3″ in college, but barefoot I am 6’15/8″. I have been standing next to the Rock in a gym and he was big, at least 2 inches taller than me, and he just had athletic shoes. So he is legit 6’3″-4″.

  31. 1776 says:

    I’ve met Barkley in person, he’s a good 6’7…which tells me Johnson is about 6’3 or so. Shaq’s a solid 7’1 (probably 340-370 lbs).

  32. 1234 says:

    Ehhh WRONG!! Ive met Dwayne, and im a big guy 6.2 320lbs. standing side by side he’s just as big as me just all muscle. (and a notably little head) lol. And ive been next to shaq as well, trust me Shaq is BIG really BIG. And Chuck is big too. ya see people forget when they watch Chuck and Shaq on tv, or any other basketball commentors, the studio set is built to there size making them look normal to each other and there environment.

  33. TheLostSurveyor says:

    I’m 6’4 and from Houston. I used to frequent a very nice car wash near the arena. I met Charles Barkley there once. He was not THAT much taller than me. Mr Rock is maybe 6’2″. Not that it really matters. Most of the men in Hollywood are under 5’7″.

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