Caption the Photo: The Rock, Shaq & Charles Barkley


Rock Shaq Barkley

If you ever forget how big NBA players really are, this should serve as a reminder.

You have to remember in your lifetime if you are average height, you are probably looking at people approximately your size or smaller all the time, these guys are well above average.

Even The Rock recongizes this.

I’m a 6’4 260lb man. Look at this visual.. now imagine being on the court vs Sir Charles & @SHAQ #GameOverSon


  1. Is this photoshopped the rock is suppose to be 6’5″? Barkley is about 6’4″. The rock looks like he is only 6′ in this pic

    • on the contrary sir…

      sir charles is a good 6’6, not 6’4. the rock’s billed height is 6’4 (but probably closer to around 6’2).

    • his billed height is 6’5–with lifts in his boots. he actaually around 6’2-3″

      just like rey mysterio is only like 5’4 without his boots on.–yes i have met him in person

  2. Come on, is this a joke! The Rock is 6′ 5″, and Charles is 6′ 6″. Tell this joke to some kids. Even if according to the previous post by strips were to be correct (and it’s not), the image is still totally off…

    • The Rock sends out a tweet saying himself that he’s 6’4″ (even though on tv, he said he was 6’3″. I believe he’s 6’2″ or 6’3″ rather than 6’4″) and you still say he’s 6’5″? I guess reading isn’t your forte’.

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