Caption the Photos: Jay-Z and Skylar Diggins

Jay Z Skylar Diggins 2

While the NFLPA is still investigating how Hova was able to land Geno Smith, it hasn’t stop him from trotting out his other Roc Nation signee Skylar Diggins.

Hov decided to throw Skylar a party at the 40/40 Club for signing on and this was after he got Skylar a Mercedes for a graduation present.

Jay Z Skylar Diggins 3

If you like to see a few NSFW photos of Skylar click here.

6 thoughts on “Caption the Photos: Jay-Z and Skylar Diggins

  • 1st pic

    skylar : will i still be able to keep my soul
    Jay : haaaaa, bitch you crazy

  • He does know that she plays for the WNBA that is like signing a Rugby player…no one cares

    • normally people don’t care , but she is pretty well known (for a WNBA player at least) because of her looks

      • YEP YEP!!!!! The Marketing $$$ for Her will be ASTONISHING… LESBIANS buy Products Too (MmmHmm…)

        Not saying She’s A Lesbian but Most WNBA Players are Though and LESBIANS like Fine Pretty FEMALES regardless of Their Sexuality (YUPPP…)

  • 1st PIC LQQKS LIKE a GAY-DUDE joking around with HIS Female-Homie Though O_o And I don’t and NEVER SAW The HYPE with Her Though… NO HIPS and Pancake-FLAT Azz Too SMDH

    I’ll Take MYA MOORE Over HER ANY MFing DAY of THE WEEK (MmmHmm…) #SueMe

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