Cardinals RB Ryan Williams Says He Was ‘Scared To Run The Ball’ Last Season

Arizona Cardinals v St Louis Rams

We all ask our athletes to be honest, but the ones that brutally honest usually catch the most flak.

Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams admitted to the Arizona Republic that  he played through last season in a state of fear, worried that his surgically repaired right knee wouldn’t hold up.

Williams told the paper that he was freaked out about running a play called “39 toss,” that ended up being an outside run play that left his knee vulnerable to a hit.

“That was my least favorite play, because running to the outside, my whole right side was exposed,” Williams told The Arizona Republic on Thursday. “As soon as I saw (linebacker Takeo) Spikes coming to hit me, I curled up and forgot about the ball. It was something where I was trying to protect my leg instead of trying to protect the football.

“It’s a scary sight being a running back and being scared to run the ball. That’s something that no running back should feel. I was pretty much scared all last year to get the ball in my hands.”

Williams ended up hurting his shoulder and missing the remainder of the season, but he called it a blessing in disguise, because it gave him a chance to heal.