Carmelo: “Why is Everyone So Mad LeBron Didn’t Win MVP Unanimously?”

Carmelo Anthony

I don’t think anyone was mad per se, just thought it was pretty silly Melo got a 1st place vote. The guy who voted for Melo gave a decent explanation on why he voted for Melo and that was his right, just no one else on the planet agreed with him.

The majority of people believe if anyone should have gotten a 1st place vote, it should have been Kevin Durant, but Melo did address the situation. Here is the quote courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk.

“As far as the guy in Boston, I don’t know why he catches so much flak for that,” Anthony said following Game 2. “He has the right to vote for whoever he want. LeBron won the MVP. Why is everybody so mad that he didn’t win it unanimously? . . . Thank you.”

This is really something that Melo shouldn’t have to comment on, it wasn’t like he forced the guy to vote for him.  Melo has bigger cereal to fry, so worrying about the MVP voting process should be the least of his concerns.