CBS Fires Blogger for Calling a Thunder Cheerleader Chunky

Kelsey Williams

Seems like a silly thing to get fired over, but never underestimate the power of social media. Once it went viral the reporter didn’t stand a chance.

Ironically. it was a female reporter who came under fire, I think a male reporter would have known the implications of saying such things and would have just avoided the topic. Also, I don’t think men are wired to write stories about mini-husky cheerleaders.

The CBS Houston blogger who publicly ridiculed an NBA cheerleader for her weight has been fired, a spokeswoman for the network told the Daily News.

CBS wouldn’t say if the person released was writer Anna-Megan Raley, who’s accused of writing last week’s offensive post about Thunder Girl Kelsey Williams using the pen name Claire Crawford.

The article asked readers if Williams is “too chunky” to cheer for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

I am pretty sure CBS has an editorial department, someone had to OK the article before it went on their site. If someone is going to be fired it should be them, not Anna, Claire or whatever name she is going by. Didn’t think this was fireable offense, but once again think before publish.