Celtics Kevin Garnett: “We’re Out Here Scrappin”

kevin garnett scrappin

Last night the Knicks showed their immaturity, as they focused more on childish antics oppose to ending the series with the Boston Celtics.

Kevin Garnett, who helped the Celtics propel grabbing 18 rebounds- marking his third straight game with 17 or more rebounds, had a few choice words after the game.

CSNNE’s Greg Dickerson asked Garnett what was the difference with the Celtics last two games.

“All that you’re about to say ain’t got nothing to do with it,” Garnett said. “We out here scrapping. This is survival. It’s like a Game 7 — every game from here on out is like a Game 7, and we’re scrapping. Easier said than done, right there. No shenanigans, no nothing.”

Garnett never fails with his post-game interviews. I’m not sure if this is better than the balls and grits interview, but it’s up there.

Game 6 will be an intense game in Boston. Celtics may be old, but they’re not dead. Hopefully the Knicks have learned their lesson. Regardless if you win this series or not you don’t celebrate a round 1 victory. Expectations should be altered for the Knicks.  As for the Celtics, if you want to continue scrappin’ to see another day, someone put a muzzle of Jordan Crawford. As unpredictable as his shots are, he should be the last one talking.

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