Chargers LB Donald Butler Is Sure Manti Te’o Will Be Heckled


Manti Te’o is has the perfect situation to succeed, playing in the quiet, small market of San Diego.  Te’o though will always have to deal with the criticism and scrutiny that comes with the dead girlfriend embarrassment  he suffered through.

One of Te’o’s new teammates, linebacker Donald Butler, knows for sure he’ll be heckled and made fun of, but as he told The U-T San Diego, he thinks Te’o can handle it.

“I’m sure he’ll get some jabs,” Butler said. “But that comes with being a rookie. He might get a little more because of his situation, but I’m sure he’s man enough to handle it and really grow from it. I don’t think it’s going to be anything over-the-top. It’ll be your normal rookie jokes.”

As long as Te’o produces and make plays, that heckling and abuse that he’s scheduled to receive from his new teammates won’t last that long.

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