Chris Paul on Staying With the Clippers: “I Don’t Know, I’m Going to Pray on It”

Chris Paul

Never good when your franchise player says he needs to pray on coming back to the team or not. You might have forgotten, but Chris Paul is in the same situation as Dwight Howard.

Their next contract may well be their last big one, so they have to make a decision.

Stay with their current team for more money or jump ship to a team that is better position to win a title. Here is what CP3 had to say.

“I don’t know how this whole thing is going to play out,” Paul said. “I’m going to pray about it. We’ll see.”

“All season long, it’s something that I said I would address after the season and I really didn’t think about it all during the season,” Paul said. “The season’s not even 24 hours from being over, so I really haven’t thought about it. The craziest thing is that this season is over. I still haven’t got that wrapped around my brain.”

Don’t be surprised is Vinny Del Negro is fired to try to help Paul with his decision.

2 thoughts on “Chris Paul on Staying With the Clippers: “I Don’t Know, I’m Going to Pray on It”

  • See you in NY.

  • First-OFF Firing Vinny will have NOTHING to do with appeasing CP3 (That’s NONSENSE…) Vinny will be FIRED becuz the organization EXPECTED MORE WITH THIS TEAM (And GOT LESS…)

    Secondly, CP3 Wanted/Expected to be playing with The LAKERS before David Stern ACTED THE MONKEY (And blocked THAT TRADE Though…) If was EITHER Stay in New Orleans or Play with The CLIPPERS… I Just hope he makes the BEST DECISION FOR HIM and Don’t let the MAX $$$ Clippers can offer over ANY OTHER TEAM be the Deciding FACTOR Though (YUPPP…)

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