Clippers: Chris Paul Not to Blame for Dismissal of Vinny Del Negro

Clippers say Chris Paul not Responsible for Dismissal of Vinny Del Negro



We reported the news to you earlier that looming free agent Chris Paul is reportedly upset with the Clippers for implying that he is the reason head coach Vinny Del Negro was dismissed.

Apparently word got to the Clippers and vice president of basketball operations Gary Sacks felt compelled enough to address the issue publicly and make it clear CP3 had no hand in the decision.

Per LA Times: “It was my conclusion that a change needed to be made,” Sacks told the Los Angeles Times in aphone interview Friday. 

Sacks was aware that Paul hasn’t been happy with the organization letting the All-Star point guard take all the heat for Del Negro not being retained.

Sacks said the decision not bring Del Negro back was made by him, owner Donald Sterling, President Andy Roeser and director ofbasketball operations Eric Miller, Sterling’s son-in-law.

“Ultimately, the decision was made by myself and the front office,” Sacks said. “It had nothing whatsoever to do with any players. It was an organizational decision the entire time, from the beginning to the end. All this other stuff that’s out there, to me, it’s just ridiculous.”

Some very good damage control by the Clippers, who I’m sure want to make sure they stay on the good side of Chris Paul in the hopes that he decides to return to Lob City next season.

CP3 may not have directly said, ‘fire Del Negro’, but by him reportedly not sticking up and asking for the coach to return, he essentially still got him fired. Whether that’s fair or not, is up for debate.

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  • CP3 is a PUZZY and a CHEAP-SHOT Artist Though… ONLY COWARDS Shy away from Responsibility and Accountability (MmmHmm…)

    A REAL TEAM LEADER and FRANCHISE-PLAYER would’ve handled THIS SITUATION Waayyyyy Better Than CP3 Has (He’s a F-ing CHUMP!!!!!) SMDH

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