College Baseball Player Fails Drug Test After Using Teammate’s Pee Sample

Cory Knebel


If you’re like me, you read the headline and thought that this is too good to be true, but unfortunately for two college baseball players, this really happened.

According to a story courtesy of Deadspin, two University of Texas baseball players, may have pissed their season away after they tried to pull fast one on the team while taking a drug test.

Apparently pitcher Cory Knebel, tried help an anonymous teammate out with his team-mandated drug test by giving him his pee sample, but the results came back positive for Adderall.

The test came back positive when Adderall—which Knebel is prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder—was found in the urine. Adderall is banned by the NCAA.

According to a source, after being pressed multiple times about why he failed the drug test, the teammate, who isn’t prescribed Adderall, admitted to Texas that the urine was Knebel’s.

The team has since suspended Knebel for violating the team’s rules, but the fate of his teammate has yet to be determined.

So two thoughts, Knebel’s teammate basically left him high and dry after he tried to help him out, and it’s pretty silly of them to not have gone over relevant details like if Knebel’s system was drug free while plotting this scheme.



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