Columbia Football Player Charged With Hate Crime For Harassing Asian

Chad Washington Hate Crime

If you didn’t think words hurt people, well you’re wrong they do.

Chad Washington, a Columbian University football defensive lineman, has been charged with a hate crime steaming from an incident where he allegedly assaulted another student while using racial slurs.

According to USATODAY , Washington saw the 19-year-old victim leave an establishment with two young women and proceeded to follow the group while heckling the young ladies. After the victim attempted to defend his friends, Washington then pushed and grabbed him by his collar.

A school security guard witnessed the incident, but neglected to intervene since he assumed the group of young adults was playing around.

Washington has since been charged with misdemeanor aggregated harassment and released without bond on Wednesday.

Washington’s defense attorney, Daniel Fetterman, seemed adamant his client’s name would be clear once the facts come out.

“The allegations do not accurately portray the events that occurred,” Fetterman said. “When all the facts come out, it will be clear that Mr. Washington did not commit a hate crime, and he will be vindicated.”

Washington recently wrote an op-ed piece for Columbia Spectator about student athletes deserving more respect than they receive on campus.

Most of my fellow students at Columbia feel so divided from athletes because, once again, sports have never been a part of their life. During Friday nights in high school, they were probably in the library and not at the football game. During the Homecoming pep rally, future Columbia students were most likely working on extra homework and problem sets.

The alleged victim is of Asian descent and 5-7. Washington is black and 6-foot-4.

I don’t know if Washington is innocent or guilty, but I do know it will be hard for him to get the respect he feels he’s entitled too now.