Crazy Old Couple Give Joakim Noah The Finger After Ejection (Photo)


Joakim Noah

Lot of things going on here.

First, the couple are way too old to be acting like this.  They need to settled down, I doubt they know more than five players on the Heat Roster.

Then you have the Security guard who obviously hates his job.  The young guy in the seat seems mesmerized by Noah’s hair.  There is a young lady who looks like she is Tweeting while Noah is getting thrown out.

The whole thing is just extra.  Now if Noah or Gibson punched the dude in the face, he would be punished, but would he be wrong?

Crazy fan


  1. Mid to late 50’s. Dressed like she’s 25. Acting like 10. He should have pulled her out the stands by her blonde hair with the black & gray roots.

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