Deion Sanders $15K Dog Was Kidnapped, But Was Rescued by FBI or Something


Deion Sanders Dog

As some of you might know I just adopted a dog last weekend. A Beagle named Ellie (El or Big El for short), so I understand Prime’s pain.

Even though Ellie didn’t cost $15k ($200 adoption fees), if someone kidnapped El, I would be devastated. Now why would someone kidnap Deion’s dog is a mystery to me. My first thought was that Pilar Sanders maybe stole the dog, but Deion would go into any specifics.

The question begs, if the dog is suppose to protect the family how did he allow himself to get kidnapped? Jack Bauer wouldn’t allow something like that to happen, actually I take that back Jack did let himself get kidnapped by the Chinese.

Either way Deion and his family are happy to have their dog back. I don’t know if the FEDS or Jack Reacher were called in, but whatever the case they seem very relieved.

FYI here is a photo of Ellie doing what she likes to do best.



  1. Deion looks like he is scared of his own $15k dog…like most of his stuff coming out of his mouth this past year…questionable at best. Now as for Ellie…ADORABLE!

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