Deployed Soldier Surprises his Daughter at Rays Game (Video)




These kind of videos where deployed soldier come home and surprise their family never gets old.

Lieutenant Colonel Will Adams, who had been serving in Afghanistan for the past two years, collaborated with the U.S.O and the Tampa Bay Rays to surprise his daughter Alayna, who was at the game to throw out the first pitch because her father had been away on duty.

Just before the nine-year-old threw the pitch, a video message from her father appeared on the scoreboard to further set up the ruse. The Rays dressed Lt. Col. Adams in catchers gear and sent him out to receive the pitch from his daughter.

After she threw the pitch, her father took off the mask and at first you can tell she was taken aback but when she realized who it was, she ran and hugged him to create an awesome moment.

Check the video out here: