Derrick Rose GMAIL Inbox is Quite Comical (Photo)

black sports online derrick rose eating candy

I blame the Bulls for the slander Rose is taking right now. If they would have handled this public relations aspect of this properly, people would have just assumed Rose was still legitimately hurt.

Now, everyone knows that the only thing wrong with Rose is mentally he isn’t ready to play and they are jumping all over him for it.

As long as it isn’t malicious, I think it is fair game. Sports Pickle pulled up his GMAIL account and look what they found.

Derrick Rose Gmail Inbox

2 thoughts on “Derrick Rose GMAIL Inbox is Quite Comical (Photo)

  • When he plays in Nov 2013, it will be a 18 month recovery from a ACL injury. Thats a long time no matter what way you cut it.

    • Iman Shumpert had the same injury on the exact same day as Derrick, wonder what excuse he had not to play? Oh wait, he is playing. Seems the only difference between the two is salary and mental toughness.

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