Dez Bryant Replies To Twitter Troll By Saying He Had Sex With The Fan’s GF


Dez Bryant

I talked to the Board of Dollarnaires and we have decided to allow this response from Dez Bryant to the trolling Cowboys hater.

Dez Bryant Fan

Probably should have just ignored it, but don’t throw a punch if you are a fan, if you are scared to get hit with the counter punch.

Too many Twitter and keyboard gangsters out here, so I have no problem with Dez’s comeback, it was pretty good. Very much George Costanza like.


  1. Dez needs to just: delete tweet….block sender…..keep it movin…..why get into a fight with these twitter gangsters

  2. Really? This is another non-story. Stop reporting this nonsense, and go find a real story. I don’t know maybe something that involves the NFL. Go away Cowboy hater.

  3. Well just when you think maybe, just maybe Dez “The Bust” Bryant is getting his act together BANG the REAL Dez shows up… And what is it with this Black Sports Online??? If someone made a site called White Sports Online they’d be called racist… WTF??? Can’t you just call it Sports Online??????

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